Post Program

What to Expect After the Program

The program is a new start. Positive changes and improvements in basic skills are experienced during the program.  In order to continue improvement the client MUST continue using the tools given.

It is highly recommended that the support person and/or client contact me with any concerns or questions that might arise after the program.  It may be necessary to schedule a follow-up session or I may be able to answer any questions over the phone or via-email.

Follow-up sessions can be used for anything the client or parent would like to address.  Review of the newly acquired tools, evaluation of reading exercises and symbol mastery procedures are all addressed.  Follow-ups can be use to work on modeling trigger words that are particularly difficult.  Follow-ups are also great for restoring any waning motivation.

Expected Results

  • Reduction of learning disability symptoms
  • Improved ability to read, study, and learn
  • Increased tolerance for confusion
  • Ability to control disorientation’s intentionally
  • Improved ability to maintain and focus attention
  • Greater confidence, personal awareness, and self-esteem