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Orlando Bloom Offers Advice to Kids With Dyslexia

Advice for Kids Struggling With Dyslexia

Orlando Bloom is a successful actor who co stars in the hit movie Pirats of the Caribbean.  He struggled with school because of his dyslexia but excelled when it came to drama and art. He shares his story and gives encouragement to kids who also struggle with dyslexia.

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The Gift of Dyslexia – From Tears to Straight ‘A’s

The Gift of Dyslexia – From Tears to Straight ‘A’s

My daughter suffered with dyslexia and struggled through school until she went through the dyslexia program. Now she is getting straight A’s and is more confident.

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Dyslexia Correction – Dealing with Disorientation

Dyslexia Correction

Dealing with Disorientation

When a dyslexic is disoriented, they process information incorrectly. When they act on faulty information, they get the wrong answers to problems. This causes extreme confusion and frustration for dyslexics. When I went through the dyslexia program I was finally given the tools I needed to orient myself so I could process information correctly and it changed my life.

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Autism Success Story

Autism Success Story

The Lights Turned On

I worked with an autistic client who flew into California from out of state because his mom was so desperate to get him help.  He went from being afraid to call and order pizza, to being able finish his high school education, and continue onto college! His mother was in tears by the end of the program.

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Dyslexia Causes Problems with Words that Have No Visual Representation

Dyslexia Correction

 Problems with Words that Have No Visual Representation

People with dyslexia think in pictures, so when a word comes up that does not have a picture in their minds eye, they tend to have difficulty reading it.


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