Book Review: Diary of a Dyslexic Homeschooler

My name is Patti. I’m a tutor, proofreader, and retired home school mom.  I recently read a book which I think could help people understand the emotional struggle children experience when they have difficulty learning to read. Here is my review of the book.

Book Review: Diary of a Dyslexic Homeschooler: A Year of Untangling, by Sarah Hualde

The book, Diary of a Dyslexic Homeschooler by Sarah Hualde is a fictional book which portrays the emotional struggles of a young girl struggling with dyslexia. The author does an excellent job expressing the frustration and disappointments of a child struggling to learn to read. I laughed with this little girl and cried with her. I became angry with those people who didn’t understand her situation and unknowingly wounded her soul. I rooted for her parents as they defended their daughter and changed the culture around them. I admired her as she continued trying–even when she was tired and discouraged.

All of us who teach, tutor, and love young children could benefit from a peek into this little girl’s heart. I highly recommend this book.



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