A Dyslexia Paradise: A Visual Lecture!

As I am preparing to speak this week on the challenges of having dyslexia, I was reflecting on what could make my presentation more engaging.

I found this amazing video that everyone needs to see on www.GiftedDyslexic.com. The video is on YouTube as well.

Sir Ken Robinson is very talented with his lecturing. I was impressed not only with the brilliant idea that he had pre done the drawing and then lectured with it but of the message it contained as well. Pictures just enhance the lecture a thousand percent.

I remember when my wife was teaching 4th grade and she had quite a few kids with dyslexia in her classroom that year. The kids were getting terrible grades in history. The text book was boring and then just talking about it was kind of boring. She decided to illustrate her lesson while teaching it.

My wife will be the first one to tell you that she isn’t a great artist and most of what she drew was stick figures and all the animals looked like a cat no matter what they were. The kids with dyslexia made such dramatic improvement with their grades because they had an extra “hook” to hang the information on. The over all class was way more engaged because the drawing part was very entertaining and held their attention.

Watch the video and let me know what you think!


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