Could an ADHD Nutrition Plan Help Kids With Dyslexia?

Can A Diet Change Help People With Dyslexia?

There has been a lot of talk about how a person’s diet could really improve one’s ability to focus and thus improve the disorientation symptoms that dyslexics experience.  My perspective on the diet is that it helps increase their threshold so that people with learning disabilities can handle more confusion and not disorient so often.  I think diet can be ONE of the pieces of the puzzle in helping to overcome a learning challenge.

Diet helped one family

I find this really fascinating and I think it makes a lot of sense.  We have friends that eliminated red and yellow dye from their daughters diet and she stopped having seizures and wetting the bed.

Here is an article from Direct Learning:

Controversial Diet May Improve ADHD

“A new study suggests a restrictive diet may help some kids with ADHD improve their behavior and get off their medications.

Researchers from the Netherlands reported that about three-quarters of children with ADHD on the diet were found to be less hyperactive and impulsive than the kids not on the diet. The researcher observed behaviors in around 100 kids for a  period of five weeks.

The diet consists mainly of water, white meat, rice and vegetables.

A report on the study warns that restrictive diets may bring about more behavioral problems, with children battling with their parents for foods they crave and can’t have.

Study researcher Jan Buitelaar stated that the study doesn’t claim that foods with sugar, artificial colorings and added preservatives cause hyperactivity, but that they might trigger an immune reaction that sets off ADHD symptoms.

Also they added that the diet should be followed for a short time under medical supervision, and if certain foods do not trigger symptoms, they can be added back into the diet.

This study follows one last year that found a link between ADHD and organophosphate pesticides commonly used in North America on non-organic fresh strawberries, frozen blueberries and celery.”

Jenny McCarthy who wrote the book “Louder Than Words” really advocated diet among other things to bring about dramatic improvement for her sons autism.

I plan to do my own research on this and will let you know what I find out.

Let me know what you think or what you have tried.

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