In Just a Week Our Son Gained Confidence in Himself…

Dear David,

To all who are skeptical of the Davis Dyslexia Correction Method, let us assure you that it has worked and is still working for our son. We have been practicing the methods given to us by our facilitator, and will continue to implement them in our home school routine for years to come.

Our story begins much like everyone else who thinks that their child may be struggling with learning. After working with him at home we noticed that he would often forget what we had just studied the day before, he kept getting letters and numbers mixed up, and got frustrated easily. We would read a story and he would read a work like “lizard” but struggled with the word “with.” At the time we kept telling ourselves that he was just very “forgetful.” It was not until meeting with David Hirst that we realized the struggle our son was facing. David was able to bring into words what our son was trying so desperately to say. After just a week working with David our son stopped saying “I don’t know” and instead tried explaining to us all that was moving around so fast in his mind. In just a week our son gained confidence in himself and our frustration with teaching him was turned into an eagerness to understand our son. He always had the most vivid and extraordinary imagination, after speaking with David we finally understood why!

It has now been about 3 months since our week with David. Our son has conquered 50 trigger words and is progressing beautifully. He has an eagerness to keep reading, he comprehends what he reads and is continually improving in all of his studies because of the tools he learned. He loves working with the clay and it is amazing to see what he can create from the pictures in his mind. I would suggest to anyone whose son or daughter is struggling with reading to experience the Davis Method. It has helped us so much, my son gained confidence and understanding and the feelings of frustration and confusion no longer keep him from the desire to learn. We are thankful that we were able to help our son, and would recommend anyone struggling to try the Davis Method.


Steve and Lena Anocibar

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