…He Told Me That His World Had Been Changed!

Dear Mr. Hirst

I just had to write you a letter to let you know what a positive experience my son had visiting with you the other day. After our initial visit of working on release, focusing, and dial setting. My son seemed to be on cloud nine. On the drive home in the car he was laughing and singing. He was very uplifted.

The next day I helped out in his class at school. I encouraged him to use his “secret powers” as he called them. He was tested in reading that day and he actually went up a level. He was so excited!

When we got home from school I asked him if he used his secret power. He said, “Yes,” paused and said, “Mom, Mr. Hirst is good! He must be the smartest man in the whole world!” I could tell in his eyes and by what he said that he felt he had found someone who understood.

In that sentence, he told me that his world had been changed! He had found someone who had found the key to his learning success.

Being that my son had just turned six, I really had no intention of sending him thru a full fledged program. Seeing how his confidence had soared from just on visit, I had to reconsider my position. The final decision would have to be made by my son. When I asked him if he wanted to go thru a whole week program, he thought about it and said, “Mr. Hirst is nice, I will do it!”

Thank you so much for bringing a ray of hope into our scholastic lives. I have a very bright and intelligent son who doesn’t thing he is. Hopefully with this program, he will understand and appreciate all of his gifts.

A very appreciative mom,

Marla Hess (Mom of 6 year old Logan)

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