We Made it Through His First 100 Words!


We made it through his first 100 words! Yeah! It is tedious work, but well worth it! Like you said, it is getting easier and easier for both of us and much less of a chore now that we have a routine. Last year at this time I didn’t know how I was going to get Logan through 1st grade. There were so many tears last year.

This year is a total turn around. He likes school, he likes doing his homework! I can’t say he loves doing his word mastery, but he does it without complaint. (Most of the time). There have been very few tears of frustration this year. The best part for me personally is understanding that at any given moment when he is we can stop and it’s okay! I know when he is focused he will understand the lesson. What a relief for both of us to understand that. He doesn’t feel like he never understand whatever it is he’s working on. With “the tools” you exposed him to he is set free.

Thank you again for being so patient and there whenever I call. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Marla Hess

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