His Teachers Are Amazed By His Focus, His Confidence, and…

Dear David,

I cannot say enough about the Davis program and my son’s facilitator, David Hirst. My son was just out of kindergarten when he went through the dyslexia correction program. He struggled in kinder and I knew he needed to get help ASAP.

Luckily, even at this young age he was motivated to clear up his confusion. We have never looked back, and even went through the math program. His teachers are amazed by his focus, his confidence, and his love for learning. I am convinced, that without the caring support of Mr. Hirst, and the tools we have learned through the Davis program, he would have struggled immensely and not gained the confidence he enjoys today. I am forever grateful that my amazing child is viewed positively by his gifts, and not judged by his so called disability. As an added bonus, he excels at sports, and is heads above other children his age in his ability to concentrate at the task at hand.

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