Noah’s Reading Has Greatly Improved… and His Self Esteem Has Soared

Dear David,

My son Noah is 10 years old and dyslexic.  He is the youngest of three boys, intelligent, imaginative and creative.  It was quite a surprise to us when he began to experience so many difficulties in school in relationship to his difficulties with reading.  We had him tested and were told he was dyslexic.  We were instructed to start him on an intense phonics program that lead to further frustration on his part.  His self esteem was worsening and he was beginning to hate school.

I found the Davis Dyslexia Correction method online and contacted Mr. Hirst for counseling.  There were immediate improvements in Noah’s ability to interpret his environment correctly and by his own account “the words stopped moving on the page” after the week of counseling with Mr. Hirst.  As we have continued to work at home, Noah’s reading has greatly improved – close to grade level –  and his self esteem has soared.  He now enjoys school (as much as can be expected for a 10 year old).  We will be forever grateful for the time Mr. Hirst spent with Noah and his ongoing availability for our concerns.



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