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Autism Success Story

Autism Success Story

The Lights Turned On

I worked with an autistic client who flew into California from out of state because his mom was so desperate to get him help.  He went from being afraid to call and order pizza, to being able finish his high school education, and continue onto college! His mother was in tears by the end of the program.

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Dyslexia Causes Problems with Words that Have No Visual Representation

Dyslexia Correction

 Problems with Words that Have No Visual Representation

People with dyslexia think in pictures, so when a word comes up that does not have a picture in their minds eye, they tend to have difficulty reading it.


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David Hirst Will Be Speaking on Dyslexia at The Grove Community Church April 27th

Are you or a loved one dealing with a learning challenge?

If you or a loved is dealing with learning challenges, this seminar is a must. Come and hear how you can receive real help for your learning challenges like…

  • Dyslexia
  • Autism
  • ADHD
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math

David will be presenting a FREE informational meeting at The Grove Community Church on April 27th at 6:30 – 8pm.

The Grove Church is located at…

19900 Grove Community Dr.
Riverside, CA 92508


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Autistic Basketball Player Jason McElwain Has The Game of His Life

Autistic Basketball Player Jason McElwain Has The Game of His Life

What an inspring story about an autistic indavidual. Are you facing challenges that you just don’t think you can over come? This is really a heart warming clip and will give you hope. Many times clients come to me at Dyslxia Correction Specialties with very little hope. I know what it feels like and I know what it looks like. I love the idea that Jason McElwain’s community was behind him. You need a support system in this life to help with how challenging things can be at times. Tell me your story how you over came.

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Could a ADHD Nutrition Plan Help Kids With Dyslexia?

Can A Diet Change Help People With Dyslexia?

There has been a lot of talk about how a persons diet could really improve ones ability to focus and thus improving the disorientation dyslexics can experience.  My perspective on the diet is that it helps increase the threshold so that people with learning disabilities can handle more confusion and not disorient so often.  I think diet can be ONE of the pieces of the puzzle in helping overcoming a learning challenge.


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